Second Annual MHS Robotics Competition

Featuring the SumoBot and SweeperBot Competitions

Saturday, April 8th, 2017

Competition Information

There are two events: SumoBot, where two robots try to push each other out of a four-foot ring, and SweeperBot, where one robot is trying to push six boxes off a six by four foot field. Schools are welcomed to sign up for either one or both events.

Robot Design

Robots must be autonomous and have a processor that controls at least one motor.


Robots may be built around any processor (e.g. Vex Cortex, Arduino, Mindstorms, etc.) using any non-toxic, non-explosive materials you happen to have lying around.


Robots must be 9" by 9" or less with no height restriction.


SweeperBots and Heavyweight SumoBots must weigh 4 pounds or less. Lightweight SumoBots must weigh 2 pounds or less.

SweeperBot Event

A single robot tries to push boxes off a field without falling off itself.
The rules have been changed a little bit from last year with regard to placement of the boxes.

SumoBot Event

This contest is based on the SumoBot contest that Penn State IEEE has run the past few years in State College.
Robots should not be designed to harm the other robot.
A robot should be designed to autonomously detect the other robots and push it out of the ring.
We have refined the rules a bit to help ensure this.

Signup Information

Still interested in this year's competition?

If you represent a school wanting to compete, please email Don Sawyer, the Methacton Robotics Club sponsor, at to register your school.

Teams will need to sign in starting at 9:00 A.M. and competition will begin at 9:30 A.M.

Methacton Parent Volunteers and Donations

The competition has already been run, we no longer are in need of volunteers.

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