Third Annual MHS Robotics Competition

Featuring the SumoBot and MazeBot Competitions

Date: April 14, 2018

Competition Information

Our competition will feature two events this year: SumoBot, where two robots try to push each other out of a four-foot ring, and MazeBot, where two robots race each other through two short, symmetric mazes. Schools are welcomed to sign up as many teams as they have for one or both events.

Robot Design

Robots must be autonomous and have a processor that controls at least one motor.


Robots may be built around any processor (e.g. Vex Cortex, Arduino, Mindstorms, etc.) using any non-toxic, non-explosive materials you happen to have lying around.


Robots must be 9" by 9" by 9" or less and may not extend outside of these parameters before or during a competition.


The SumoBot competition has two weight categories: 4 pounds or less, and 2 pounds or less. All MazeBot robots must be 4 pounds or less.

MazeBot Event

In the MazeBot event, two robots will race each other on two symmetric but mirrored mazes. The first robot to the finish line wins.

SumoBot Event

This contest is based on the SumoBot contest that Penn State IEEE has run the past few years in State College.
Robots fight in a white ring with a black outline to push the opposing robot off and claim victory.
Due to robots of past years going against the spirit of the competition, we have refined the rules to ensure that all robots must play fair.

Signup Information

We are always looking for schools that would like to participate!

If you would like to register your school for this year's competition, please email Don Sawyer at his address:

Methacton Parent Volunteers and Donations

We will need volunteers to help with our event when the date draws nearer. As of right now, we are not actively looking for volunteers.

If you are looking donate funds or supplies to our competition, please contact Don Sawyer at his email address:

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